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Non Shadow Fist is the style of chinese martial arts (kung fu) to assume Mr.Iwao Kaneiki master a Japanese initiator. Unfortunately, for a secret fist what I cannot tell you about details. ※Please understand ,this is my knowledge and an opinion of Kazu Saeba describe it.

I heard Master Lee is our roots of Non Shadow Fist. He escape from the war of the Cultural Revolution, and came over to Shikoku, Kagawa prefecture taught to Mr.Kaneiki. Generally, Kung Fu is said to be the [north group of the kick] [south group of the fist] , but Non Shadow Fist is Kung Fu of the south group, but it features kick , and there is much skill.

There seems to be that it spread out by announcement called Actual fighting direction Kung Ku in martial arts world in the Japanese media at one time, but this active in very few now and the style of the illusion that unfortunately dosn't stay in mainland China either. There is the opinion which the opinion called the assassination martial art that Hong Kong Mafia made and a pupil of Mr.Wong Fei Hung(Chinese hero) made, but the actual situation is mystery and is wrapped.

I became a disciple of Mr.Iwao Kaneiki,and I enrolled association of Hong Kong Kung Fu (former name, Bravery Society) at the age of 18 years old. Before I misunderstood that I am strong but I was forced to realize how immaturity I am. My master gave to me a word [ when peaceful You sweated a lot ,and You must think how can reduce blood and tears to drain at the time of world of the war. Because it is the duty of the true martial artist!! His word always works hard at ascetic practices on a chest as martial artist.

Now I live in Tokyo and I'm learn Non Shadow Fist from Mr.Hideo Kumano.He is senior fellow disciple. Continue to training and the study,elucidation of the Non Shadow Fist every day now. I have heard the technical transmission with transmission from a master to pupil only for one. Even if the usable actor looks for a Non Shadow Fist in the world; only in me, Kazu Saeba!

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Non shadow Fist

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